Rufino's Cuisine & Caterers

Rufino’s was established in Paoay in April 2014, borne from the strong encouragement of renowned public figures in Ilocos Norte, the inspiration of fellow wedding and events suppliers, and the long-spoken wishes of clients and guests who have experienced the superior food and services by Chef Nic in his restaurant in Candon, Ilocos Sur, or in catering events that Chef Nic have impeccably delivered particularly to wedding clients.

Ask the foodies in Ilocos Norte, and they can deliver a mouthful of all things delicious from Rufino’s: its best-selling lechon baka in pita pockets which is the epitome of ‘great things come in small packages’; its ultra-thin-but-explosive-in-flavor bagnet on poqui-poqui pizza; its always-fresh Norwegian salmon, may it be sinigang style or drenched with yaki sauce; and don’t forget, its array of heaven-in-the-palate desserts: the premium old-fashioned chocolate cake deservedly recognized as one of the best in the Philippines, the richly-layered but light on the tummy and the hearty tiramisu, plus the definitely-melts-in-your mouth brazo de Mercedes.

And here’s more: to make you truly sit back and enjoy all these ‘guilty pleasures’ guilt-free, we are assuring you that we concoct our own bagoong (that happy sauce for your bagnet), make our own pita, buns, crusts, and other bread and pastries, serve you rice straight from our harvests, and create our own sauces, dressings, and stocks all from scratch (yes, never from bottles found in supermarkets). All these we make because we love what we do and we love our clients enough to serve nothing but authentic goodness.

Because all things good and delicious take time, we would like to let you know that Chef Nic Rodriguez, the sole proprietor of Rufino’s, has more than two decades of experience, learning from abroad, and bringing it all back to the Philippines. He has solid culinary education in Europe in the 80’s and completed specialization courses in New York across the 90s. He has been churning out wonderful dishes all these years, and in fact, he has been in the baking, restaurant, and catering business in Candon City, Ilocos Sur for more than 20 years.

We believe in food quality, and that everything good takes time and love. We strive hard to delight our clients and our guests in every small or big event. We work hard to make everything delicious behind-the-scenes and keep everyone happy in the forefronts. We aim to be the well-deserved choice among the choicest of clients, and not the cheapest among competitors.

All these goodness plus that homey feel and all the happy trinkets – old and new and beautiful too - and the perfect view of and closeness to the majestic Paoay Church, a UNESCO World Heritage site - you can enjoy in one dine-in resto-cum-cafe that makes you want to drive N hours from wherever you are to Rufino’s Cuisine & Caterers in Paoay, Ilocos Norte.