Bistro Candon Resto & Catering

We can rightly claim that we are experts in out-of-town catering events.

We don’t bring cooked, ready-to-serve cold food for your guests, but we arrive at least 24 hours before the event, set up our kitchen, and do all the mise en place. Our crew and staff are both classroom-educated and are trained through years of kitchen and catering experiences.

It takes days and even weeks to plan for off-town events. Crates and crates of plates, utensils, cutleries, ingredients, tables and chairs, linens and more linens, pots and pans, sometimes even the ovens, freezers and chillers - practically a whole new separate kitchen - are manually loaded into our truck, and transported to the venue. Muscle work resumes in unloading these all, assembling a kitchen, and when the perfect time comes, kitchen preps and cooking begins. Loading them back, transporting them back, and overall egress and post-event washing and cleaning is equally another chapter.

We ensure that hygiene and sanitation are strictly observed by our chefs, servers, and helpers all through this process, with the ultimate goal of providing a delightful, memorable event.
We believe that, even as we work in the background, great food and great service can make or break an event. We strive to make everything blend beautifully and deliciously as the food experience should be lodged in the best memories of our clients and their guests, truly an experience that they can bring home and forever.

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